September 28, 2006

Richt says no decision

Mark Richt is not tipping his hand, and why should he? He is one of the most successful coaches in the last five years, his team is undefeated, and he is about to head out on the road.

"I have not," said Richt Thursday afternoon when asked if had made up his mind between starting
Matthew Stafford or Joe Cox when the Bulldogs travel to Ole Miss this weekend. "I have been watching them, but I want to sit down and talk with (offensive coordinator) Neil (Callaway) and (quarterback coach Mike) Bobo about it, and get their take on it. We will talk about it Friday, and probably tell them Saturday early in the day."

Since taking over the head coach job at Georgia in 2001, Richt has never made it a secret that his coaching is a work in progress. In his first season, he let the clock run out and Auburn win the game in Athens. The following off-season, he sought help in clock management from former coaches. Since then, he has taken his staff to several campuses to see how other people operate their charges, while at the same time piling up three SEC East titles and two league titles in five years.

He might not be flashy, but his moves are calculated, and nobody can argue he is a winner.

"I have learned that if you make a decision at an emotional time, or in the spur of a moment after a game, sometimes you regret the decision that you make," said Richt. "I have learned in life not to make big decisions quickly. I try and think them through, pray them through, try and have some piece of mind about it and then do it rather than 'this is what we have to do'."

His latest big question is what to do about the quarterback situation, but it is hardly a new question. It could be argued that, aside from the 2005 season, Richt has faced quarterback questions throughout his 53-13 stint as skipper of the red and black. First it was Corey Phillips and David Greene, then Greene and Shockley, and now Stafford, Cox, the injured Joe Tereshinski and Blake Barnes.

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