September 28, 2006

NU Notes: Lucky works on turning the corner

Good coaches know how to push their players to make them bring out a side of their game they didn't know existed.

When Nebraska running backs coach Randy Jordan was a young player, he remembers the struggles he went through competing for the starting running back job at North Carolina against Natrone Means.

Jordan said those day were tough, but if it wasn't for his coach at the time pushing him through them, he's not sure he would've made it.

"Believe it or not the guy that pushed me the most while I was in college was Mack Brown," Jordan said. "I played for Mack and there were days I didn't want to do it.

"I played along side Natrone Means and I was splitting time too just like these guys here are. Coach Brown pushed me and said 'you need to get out there or you're going to go back to Manson.' I didn't want to go back Manson, North Carolina because there wasn't much there for me."

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