September 29, 2006

Ben Olson ready lead rebound

UCLA sophomore quarterback Ben Olson showed a lot of class when he shouldered the blame for his team's loss last Saturday to Washington. That's what leaders do.

Those who know the game of football know there was a lot of blame to go around and that loss had more fathers than just Olson. But what is the old cliché? Defeat is an orphan, while victory has many fathers.

Olson met with the media and it was obvious that the bitter taste of the Washington game was still on his tongue, still the young signal met with the media and displayed the kind of poise you would hope your quarterback would have.

What do you have to be more productive in the red zone

Olson: "We have to do a better job in the red zone obviously, and that is really all that you can do. I mean it is an area of emphasis right now.

Are your progressions pretty much the same in the red zone?

Olson: "Every week you put in different stuff depending on the program or what the team you are playing might run. You just try to take what the opposition gives you in the red zone. We just have to do a better job executing down there in the red zone."

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