October 16, 2006

Moore and Creer visiting together

Package deals are pretty much entirely a myth.

One player isn't going to follow his good friend teammate just to be together anymore than a fat man comes down a possibly lit chimney to deliver presents. While the apparent lack of Santa Clause may be a jarring blow to younger readers, the fact that packages deals are almost entirely fictional is probably a similar disappointment to recruiting junkies.

However, much like most kids who find out a bit too early that Kris Kringle is a figment of their parents imagination recruiting fans and college football coaches hold out hope each year that they could be wrong.

This year's hopes for the many coaches heading to Tatum, Texas revolve around wide receiver Darnius Moore and Rivals100 running back Lennon Creer.

For the Sooners the package deal had been of little interest for some time as Creer was the only Tatum player they had taken interest in. However, in the last week the number of Eagles they are recruiting has doubled.

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