October 26, 2006

It's clobbering time

This week, it's all about focus - and getting a little better.

It may also be about the weather.

But back to the focus. The letdown that could produce a less-than-stellar effort against the University AT (not of) Buffalo. After all, BC has been involved in some emotional games this year, last week tacking another impressive road win onto Tom O'Brien's impressive road record.

"There's always fear of a letdown," Jolonn Dunbar said Wednesday. "You have to respect every opponent you play."

You also have to hammer them. When BC looks for a reason Clemson is higher in the rankings, they should look no further than the Tigers' ability to destroy weak opponents. People around the country who don't see games see scores, scores impress. BC beat Central Michigan by a touchdown, only scored 22 points against 1-AA Maine, lost at North Carolina State, a team that's 3-4.

Clemson, whose only loss was here in a wild game that certainly could have gone either way, has 52-7, 51-0 and 63-9 wins on its resume, the last of those over woeful Temple on national television. The Tigers clobbered a good Georgia Tech team last week.

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