November 7, 2006

Tuesday's Top Tigers

Tiger fans have taken the loss to Nebraska hard, but there were some positives believe it or not. Each Tuesday from now until the end of the season, will present its top Tigers. One week has no bearing on the next. This is simply a representation of the 11 players who, in our estimation, had the best week. Here is our ranking from the Nebraska game:

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Tuesday's Top Tigers
1 Tony Temple, RB He responded to being benched as well as his coach could have hoped. Had MU been in a close game, Temple might have had a career-high. NR
2 Jeff Wolfert, PK I don't even remember the last time he was CLOSE to missing one. NR
3 Darnell Terrell, CB He led the team with 10 tackles and made numerous big stops, including a great play on a screen pass that may have saved a touchdown. The secondary was not good, but Terrell was not victimized. NR