November 8, 2006

Cronan: What is indisputable?

R.R. Marshall: Pete, it was an uphill struggle all night long for the Eagles at Winston-Salem and they finally fell to Wake Forest 21-14. What was your take on the bitter defeat?

Pete Cronan: I thought it was crucial for BC to get a lead in this game and force Wake Forest to chase them because I didn't think Wake had the ability to play catch up football. They do have the ability to hold you off if they have a lead, which they painfully demonstrated to Eagle fans. One of the keys to this game for BC was their defense's ability to handle all the reverses, double reverses, option passes, and other trick plays by Wake Forest. That essentially was the Wake Forest offense in this game, and BC knew it was coming and they were in position to make plays but they were unable to execute. In the final analysis they got out executed by Wake Forest and it proved to be the difference in this game.

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