November 8, 2006

Wake Forest Cold 11

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Ultimately players are the most responsible in determining the outcome of a game, but let's not overlook the fact that coaches are a factor too. With that being said, Boston College got both out played, and out coached by Wake Forest in their 21-14 loss.

There are two pretty simple questions and answers that sum up a lot of what went down Saturday night. Did BC bring anything different to the table than what WF expected they would? NO. Did WF bring anything different to the table than what BC expected they would? YES, just enough to throw them off their game a little. WF is always going to run fakes and misdirections and reverses, but believe it or not they were running certain plays for the first time against BC.

Even defensively, WF was different in the fact that they brought more blitz pressure than they normally do. WF played to win, and win they did.

Tom O'Brien - I understand O'Brien isn't the one instructing his players to miss tackles or let wide receivers get wide open down the field. I also understand that TOB is responsible for the personnel that gets on the football field, specifically at running back. Can someone tell me what L.V. Whitworth has done this year to earn getting the majority of the carries? Whitworth is averaging only 4.3 ypc on the ground. If you take away his inflated statistics from the Buffalo game, it goes down to 3.86 ypc. This is a pretty miserable average for a lot of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that Whitworth doesn't get the ball in short-yardage situations, so there isn't a big chance for his ypc to get deflated. Andre Callender might not be the answer, but he at least deserves a chance.

Dana Bible - For as good as Bible's play calling was the 1st eight games of the year, it was equally as bad against WF. In the 1st half especially the 1st down play calling was very predictable. On 9-of-14 1st down plays BC ran the ball and averaged .44 yards per carry doing so. That's not to mention that on at least five occasions, WF had 8 stacked in the box when BC tried to run on 1st down.

However, when Bible let Matt Ryan throw on 1st down, BC averaged 8.0 yards per play. It's understandable that Bible was trying to get the running game established, but when the opposition is daring Matt Ryan to throw the ball on 1st down you have to make them pay for it.

James Marten - The only way Marten could've had a worse game is if he turned around and tackled Matt Ryan on a play. Anytime a tackle has more than two false starts in the game, it's usually not a good trend. When your tackle is committing penalties (don't forget the holding call) and giving up sacks as well then it becomes just downright ugly.

Jamie Silva - At times Silva looks like a bowling ball on the field, knocking down opponents like they were a couple of pins. Unfortunately, on Saturday night Silva was knocking down his own teammates like a 16 pound bowling ball. On Wake's 1st TD of the game, Silva overpursued when running back Kenneth Moore initially took the hand off. Brian Toal was in perfect position to tackle Moore if he went two steps further. When Moore handed the reverse off to wide receiver Willie Idlette, Silva was out of position to take down the receiver as both he and Toal were chasing down Moore. When Silva reversed his direction to try and make the tackle he knocked down Nick Larkin who was about to take down Idlette for a loss and force a 4th down. Instead, Idlette had an open run into the end zone.

Silva also managed to knock over DeJuan Tribble on Kevin Marion's 81-yard run in the 3rd quarter when he was late coming over to make the tackle. I realize Silva's not the best coverage guy, but when he's making mistakes on tackles too, it's really killing the team.

L.V. Whitworth - Not much more can be said about Whitworth from what I said above. However, after two years, I understand Whitworth isn't going to run around any opposing players trying to tackle him. Would it be too much to ask to see Whitworth try and knock down a defender instead of trying to run around them like he's Barry Sanders? If he's not going to do either, than the least he could do is hold onto the football when he runs.

Ryan Glasper - You know how if you're with someone who robs a bank it could be a case of guilty by association? Those are my feelings after watching Nate Morton get wide open for a 46-yard TD caption. It's tough to tell whether Glasper or Dejuan Tribble were responsible to pick up Morton, and because of that, Glasper and Tribble are guilty by association.

DeJuan Tribble - Mentioned above.

Jolonn Dunbar - I think everybody had gotten used to the fact that Dunbar brings his "A" game when BC was playing a tough opponent. That streak came to an end Saturday night, as Dunbar was nowhere to be heard from most of the game. Dunbar was simply pushed around all night by WF, and when he was able to get neat a ball carrier he just missed the tackle.

Nick Larkin - Larkin's production from Saturday night was 1 tackle. BC needs more from their experienced lineman than that.

Matt Ryan - By no means is it Matt Ryan's fault that BC lost his game. However, he's smarter than what he showed on his last pass of the game. I'm sure he'd like to have that one over again.

B.J. Raji -- Raji didn't get the push up the middle needed and wasn't much of a factor in stopping the run or rushing the passer.

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