November 10, 2006

Ben Olson returns to practice

It was good to see Ben Olson back in action after a five week layoff. The good news is he looked pretty darn good for a guy with a bum knee and hadn't played for five weeks. His passes were sharp and crisp. Though the hope is he won't play this weekend against Oregon State at least he probably could if an emergency arrived.

After Tuesday's practice Olson took questions from the media.

What was the thing that gave you the most trouble

Olson: "Probably mostly my mobility right now. You know getting away from center and being able to be explosive and that's not quite there, but it was obviously good to get out there and get under center and kind of get back at it a little bit.

"It's kind of frustrating that I can't really move all that well…"

It's still pretty tight, your knee?

Olson: "Yeah, it gets tight, but it will loosen up and if I kind of take some time off it will tighten up some. I'm just trying and everyday it's getting better.

"It will probably be a little sore tomorrow (Olson reported that it was fine the day after this interview) because I haven't done this much on it since I got hurt. I will continue to rehab and try to get better."

Did things seem a little quick to you in practice?

Olson: "No, not really. I was kind of surprised on how familiar it was. I thought it would be a little bit more challenging coming back after being off for awhile but it's just playing football and going out there and try to have some fun and get my knee back healthy."

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