November 13, 2006

Prince prepares for KU

Leave Kansas State's 45-42 win over No. 4 Texas behind. First-year head coach Ron Prince said he did exactly that as his head hit the pillow late Saturday night. Prince addressed the improvement of Josh Freeman, the "Cat Pack" and the Wildcats' overall improvement over the past six weeks as they prepare to visit Kansas in their regular-season finale this weekend.

The one thing in watching your game the other night that impressed me was your willingness to continue working on things. You had fake punt earlier that didn't work but it didn't seem to detract as far as some of your other calls later in the game. Talk about the willingness you showed after the earlier disappointment to come back with plays later in the game.

It's two-fold. First of all our team has to always develop this kind of mentality that they're going to be aggressive and that's magnified by the fact that this opponent that we had from a personnel standpoint was up against so many great players and such a great team that we were going to have to make some of those kinds of plays to hang onto momentum or create it. Those things when they don't work you say, hey, look, that wasn't a great decision or when they do work you say it's brilliant. It's one of those things where that's where we are right now in our development and I've learned a great lesson from some guys that you have to try and do some of those things to try and take control of the game or otherwise against an opponent like that you'll lose control of it.

How much did it help to play against Louisville early on?

It was a major factor in wanting to schedule that game because of the kind of opponent we play within our conference. The result of the Louisville game wasn't what we had hoped but we felt it came at the right time. We were 3-0 coming out of the non-conference part of it and we scheduled Louisville with the idea that if we could come into the Louisville game at 3-0 and have a good opportunity there to show that we're making some improvement and see really where we were and we were able to do that. We were able to come out of the Louisville game saying they were the No. 8 team in the country but we could play with these guys. Maybe we have some work to do, maybe we have some holes to fill, but it gave us a chance to see where we were. Obviously we weren't as polished in some things as we were the other night. But many of those elements were the same.

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