November 15, 2006

Q&A with Matthew Stafford

Freshman starting quarterback Matthew Stafford and his teammates are enjoying a light week of workouts during the bye week. UGASports caught up with Stafford to ask him about 2006 season and his recent rushing exploits against Auburn.

UGASports: How much does this week off help the team mentally and physically?

Stafford: "It is nice and we needed it. It has been a long season for us and a tough road. It is something we need physically because both the running backs are loving this week off because they are a little dinged up. I think it will help us out a ton and keep us fresh."

UGASports: How do you feel about that win at Auburn now that you have had some time to reflect on it?

Stafford: "It was cool and awesome. It was probably the biggest game I have played in. I was happy for all of the seniors playing in their last SEC game getting to beat a top five team like that at their place. It was just a great team win. We gained a lot of momentum through that game and we have to keep it going for the next one because they are going to be tough. They have a fast defense and a offense that can put up a lot of points in a hurry, so it will be a tough one for us, but this off week will help us."

UGASports: If you win out, how much will that help remove the bitter taste from some of those earlier losses?

Stafford: "This season has had three phases. In the beginning we were winning everything, in the middle we lost a lot, and now we have beat a top five team in their house, which has swung the momentum and that is keeping us going which is good."

UGASports: What was the difference Saturday in terms of the lack of interceptions?

Stafford: "I do not know to tell you the truth. I guess being more accurate, smarter with the football, and guys getting wide open. They did a great job of getting by people and that made it easy for me.....

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