November 16, 2006

Alabama seniors hungry for win

The Crimson Tide nation has suffered through the last four years of Iron Bowl losses but no one has suffered more than this year's senior class. The '06 seniors don't want the distinction of being one of the only Tide classes ever to go winless against Auburn so this Saturday's game means more to them than anyone.

"I'm going to do everything in power from now until there's three zeroes on that clock at the end of the game to win," said fullback Le'Ron McClain. "We're tired of hearing everything about Auburn this and Auburn. We don't get any respect. If come out dominating them on Saturday, they're going to have to say something about 'Bama, even if it's only two words: Alabama wins."

"It's crazy because you just don't streaks like this in a rivalry," said Tim Castille. "You don't see one team dominate another like this in a rivalry. It almost makes it where it's not a rivalry when it's this one-sided. We've just got to do something to get this win."

"This is by far the biggest game," said Ramzee Robinson. "There is so much tradition in the Alabama-Auburn game. I feel like it's the biggest rivalry game in the country. One of the reasons you come to the University of Alabama is to play in this game. This is a team I have yet to beat in my career, its all on the table. It's about preparation and going out there and getting a W."

"We're hungry," said McClain. "We've got to get this victory. We've got to. I haven't been this hungry for a victory since I was in high school. I'm so hyped, I'm just trying to keep myself calm right now. I was so excited to come into the team meeting this morning at 7, it doesn't even make any sense. I can't wait to get to work at practice."

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