November 19, 2006

Handing out the grades in Ames


Well, Chase Daniel was perfect, literally, in the first quarter. He was 11-11 for 135 yards and a score. He then went 4-11 for 31 yards in the second. A completely up-and-down day nearly ended in a heroic effort. Daniel made every play he had to make, including scoring an apparent game-winning touchdown, on the final drive. Great players show why they are great when the chips are all on the table. The fact that Mizzou did not win had little to do with Daniel. He got them there. He should have thrown the ball somewhere, anywhere, on fourth down instead of taking a sack, but there wasn't a person in the stadium that expected Missouri to rebound from the holding call and score.

Final Grade: B


Yes, Tony Temple put the ball on the ground. Yes, it changed the complexion of the game. But Temple is also proving he is the best running back on this team and it is not even remotely close. He averaged six yards a carry. No one else reached 20 for the game. Where in the world is Connell Davis? Yes, there must be a reason he isn't given a shot, but we do not know what it is.

Final Grade: C-

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