November 27, 2006

Tripping on the last hurdle

R.R. Marshall: Pete, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!! With a shot at the ACC Championship Game still on the table the Miami Curse raised its ugly head again (even with Doug Flutie in attendance mind you) and BC fell to the Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl 17-14. How could a team that looked so good the week before pounding Maryland look so feeble in Miami?

Pete Cronan: I didn't see any signs of a letdown from Boston College in this game if that's what you were referring to. On their opening series BC came out fast and threw a couple of subtle things at Miami that the Hurricanes had not seen from the Eagles on film. Things seemed to go really well for BC on that first series where they scored a quick touchdown, but they had a lot of trouble moving the ball between the 20's after that. On eight consecutive possessions they averaged three offensive plays. I believe BC came in emotionally prepared and they played a tough football game, but on this night they needed to play flawless football against an inspired Miami team and the few mistakes they made cost them dearly. Coming into this football game we all wondered how much Miami had left in their tank. They had 17 points compared to BC's 14 points, and that's all that mattered at game's end.

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