December 3, 2006

Your complete breakdown of the Big 12 title game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - - Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan may have said it best after the Huskers 21-7 loss over Oklahoma during Saturday night's Big 12 Championship game in Arrowhead Stadium.

Callahan said it was hard to make very many excuses why NU got beat other than the Sooners played at a championship level and the Huskers did not.

"Their scheme was outstanding," Callahan said. "Their receivers were exceptional. The matchups just -- we just didn't match up real well. They just took advantage of everything. They just played better.

"I have no excuses up here tonight. They were the better football team on this date. You've got to give them credit. They deserve it."

The Sooners got it done on offense all through the air. Senior quarterback Paul Thompson connected with sophomore wide receiver Malcolm Kelly for a Big 12 Championship game record 10 times for 142 and two touchdowns.

OU head coach Bob Stoops said Nebraska loaded up the box on Saturday to defend the run and that's why they continued to attack NU's secondary with rollout pass plays that featured 6-foot-4 Kelly matching up with 5-foot-9 cornerback Cortney Grixby.

"We felt we went in ready to throw the ball a good amount and we felt the way they were trying to defend us that it would be there and we would have to be able to work it, throwing the football more," Stoops said. "And so it was about according to plan."

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