December 27, 2006

Alamo Bowl Coverage: The Iowa Offense

Wednesday was a media day of sorts for the Iowa offense with coordinator Ken O'Keefe, Drew Tate, Marshal Yanda, Mike Elgin, and Scott Chandler. The Hawkeyes talk about the chance to get back on track in the Alamo Bowl, their impressions of the Longhorns defense, plus much more.

Q: Coach, can you introduce your players and tell us how the week has gone?

O'KEEFE: Well, the week's gone fine. We've scheduled an indoor practice today at the dome because the floor out at Trinity right now is a little soggy and a little slippery, so we thought we'd get on a little better surface today and we think that will help our tempo. The guys here at the table, on my left here next to me is Drew Tate, our starting quarterback. Next to him is Scott Chandler, starting tight end. Our starting right guard is Mike Elgin and our left tackle is Marshal Yanda.

Q: Coach, can you talk about being here five years ago, coming back, and where the program has been and what you have accomplished?

O'KEEFE: Well, the Alamo Bowl is a great bowl. Everybody treats you great here in San Antonio and our team was really excited about the opportunity to come back. Our opponent is a great opponent, the University of Texas, the defending national champions. We have a tremendous challenge on our hands with the defense that they have. They've been just outstanding all year long against the run, very talented, probably a defense that has more speed than we've seen all year long from anyone, and an aggressive style of play as well. They'll give us a bunch of different looks to try to confuse us and make us think about what we want to do and keep us on our toes. How we handle those looks, how we make our decisions at the line of scrimmage, and execute certainly is going to determine how we play.

Q: Ken, can you just talk about looking back at these last six games, why the season got away from you?

O'KEEFE: Well, the biggest thing from our standpoint offensively is we didn't take care of the football the way we're capable of and we probably didn't make as many plays as we're capable of making. It really boils down to those two things.

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