January 5, 2007

Some winter questions

Coming off an 8-6 season and a return to the postseason, Purdue enters a winter that will be chock full of questions.

Below are a list of just a few of those topics.

What Will Change?

Each off-season, Coach Joe Tiller talks about how he reflects on every aspect of his program to see what might be in line for a change.

Two winters ago, he altered his offense dramatically to incorporate the option into the running game. Last off-season, chemistry-building was a major priority, as was the weight room, a yearly emphasis.

What gets the bulk of the focus in the months to come now?

One priority has to once again be the weight room, after Purdue was often pushed around up front on defense and still has oodles of players on both sides of the ball who badly need to get stronger.

Will there be any philosophical or schematic changes? The Boilermaker offense put up big numbers this season, but was quieted by quality opponents who could simply out-muscle Purdue, a long-standing bugaboo that's plagued a finesse-oriented offense since Tiller arrived in '97.

Defensively, the paramount off-season concern, at a time when there are many, may be finding a pass rush next season.

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