February 21, 2007

Exclusive Q&A: Rose ready to step in

Florida State won a heated recruiting battle for Daron Rose last February, and the former Tampa Jefferson standout represented the highest rated offensive line prospect signed by the Seminoles in six years. In his second season, Rose will get the chance to live up to his enormous potential as he will have the opportunity to step into the starting left tackle spot vacated by Mario Henderson, who just finished up his senior season. In this exclusive interview with Warchant.com, the rising sophomore talks about making the transition from high school to college, adjusting to Rick Trickett's new training regime and system, watching film and the opportunity to earn a starting role this season.

How are you handling going through mat drills for the first time ever?

I'm doing pretty good. I'm just getting adjusted to the intensity and everything. It's a whole different level than high school.

How are you adjusting going from Mark McHale to Rick Trickett as your new position coach?

All though high school I pretty much had a hard-nosed type of coach that was always on your butt about everything but when I came here with coach McHale everything was kind of lax. He wasn't an in your face type of guy but was more of a teacher. Now with coach Trickett, it's right back to that old same thing like it was in high school - he's always in your face, always on your butt about something and just trying to make you work hard and get better.

Is that the biggest change change to get used to, the differences in teaching styles or will the system be different as well?

He was telling us in a meeting how simple the way he is going to teach us is. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to really understand the whole scheme and everything. With coach McHale the playbook, just the offensive line, was pretty thick. Coach McHale's (system) was based off of pro style stuff so you had to learn a lot of things in a short amount of time. With coach Trickett, he just keeps everything simple.

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