April 5, 2007

Spring Ball rolls on

Wednesday afternoon marked one of the longer practices of the spring season for the Cal football team. The session saw Bears coach Jeff Tedford and his staff put the players through a little bit of everything, from special teams drills to full out 11-on-11 tackling. Here are some of the notes from the Wednesday's affair.

Running Back Notes

We have detailed over the last few weeks about some of the quirky drills that the Cal coaches entail their players to run through. Wednesday's practice saw the unveiling of another drill of sorts; this by the hands of the always crafty Bears running back coach Ron Gould.

If you ever played baseball at any level before you are probably familiar with the game called "Pepper," where a player gets a spitfire of bunted balls within close range to practice his footwork.

Essentially, Gould applied a version of that game to his unit on Wednesday. However, instead of baseballs, Gould used volleyballs. The basic principle of the drill was to have the player slide side-to-side, grabbing the volleyball with one hand, tossing it back to Gould, and sliding quickly to the other side with Gould firing the ball right back to the player.

Not surprisingly, the athlete who excelled the most in this drill was the most experienced, ball carrier Justin Forsett, who is certainly considered one of the quicker players on the Bears roster. As we alluded to earlier in the spring in the article You can call him Tex, Forsett is certainly a player who is ready to take on that starting role.

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