April 12, 2007

Ben Olson battling for spot

Another spring and another quarterback derby are acting its way for the Bruins. Having two experienced quarterbacks is good problem to have and the two the Bruins have are team first guys who want what's best for the team. Last week Ben Olson met with the press before his injury and his spirits were in fine shape.

Olson is older than his teammates and his maturity and sense of humor reflect that. The following is what transpired with Olson and the press.

What do you think of the quarterback situation?

Olson: "You just learn the things that you can control, are the things that you can control and you can't really worry about anything else. It's a new year and you can't look at last year and I'm just looking forward to moving ahead and I'm excited about spring practice and I think it is going well.

Our tempo is really good. I've never moved around on offense like that before as far as moving from drill to drill. I think our tempo is really good.

Is that because of Jay Norvell?

Olson: "Yeah, definitely I think it is all the coaches. We're trying to play a lot faster this year and I think that definitely showed today.

"It wasn't pretty but I think we are doing alright. We have a lot to improve on.

How is the knee and which knee was it?

Olson: "I can't even remember it feels so good. No, it was my left one. The knee is feeling fine. I can't even feel that I ever hurt it."

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