April 21, 2007

Spring Game important to many

Kansas State's annual Spring Game has a different meaning for virtually everyone. For fans, it's a rare chance to catch an early glimpse of the 2007 Wildcats. K-State coaches approach the contest as another opportunity to get their players better and evaluate their performance in a game-type situation. Those players view the game differently as well, depending largely on how long they've been in the program.

"It's very important for me," freshman linebacker Davyon McGhee, member of the Purple team, said. "I'd like to show my teammates and coaches and fans that I can play and make a lot of plays and do my job to help the team out on defense."

The excitement of the 5-foot-10, 228-pound Houston native isn't shared by all on the roster, but that doesn't mean some of the more experienced Wildcats don't understand why McGhee and so many underclassmen seriously look forward to tonight's game, scheduled for 6 p.m.

"For an older guy, I don't think this is as big as it is for the younger guys," Jordy Nelson, senior receiver for the Purple squad, said. "You want to see how they will do in front of some people. It's not close to what a normal Saturday, but there will be people there.

"You want to see how they work with different people, because we will be playing with people we haven't been practicing with since the teams are divided up."

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