June 26, 2007

Raving about Ryan

Some things to clear up, as we wait to see how much further up into the first round of the NBA draft Sean Williams can climb.

First of all, you probably all know this, or strongly suspect it, anyway, but Brian Toal is almost certainly out for the 2007 season. Shoulder surgery in January just hasn't allowed and doesn't figure to allow his return. All sides have to be cautious on this - there's a pro career involved here, folks - and the Eagles are loaded at the position. Toal sits and then returns after Jolonn Dunbar and Tyronne Pruitt leave - healthy.

"I don't think he's going to … unless he is a hundred percent, I'm not going to have him out there," Jeff Jagodzinski said recently. "There's no reason to. Our linebacker position is so strong - it's the strongest on our team, the depth and the talent we have there. Brian has not been able to really hit it hard in the weight room because he's been injured all the time.

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