August 8, 2007

Paterno defends Morelli

One of the biggest questions for Nittany Lions' fans entering the 2007 football season is whether or not quarterback Anthony Morelli is capable of leading the team past the pitfalls that doomed the team to a 9-4 season last year. According to Penn State quarterback's coach, Jay Paterno, the answer might not be as shrouded in mystery as everyone wants to believe.

Find out Paterno's answers to the plaguing questions, right here!

Is Anthony Morelli ready to be the guy that everyone thought he could be?

Jay Paterno: I think he was a little bit closer to being the guy that everybody thought he should be last year but he didn't get credit for it.

He did a lot of good things last year but the biggest criticism he faced last year was the fact that when you're a quarterback, it all comes down to wins and losses.

I think it was frustrating for our fans and the people that criticized him because at Ohio State, we were close. Michigan, we were close. Wisconsin, we were close. Notre Dame, we weren't ready defensively, we weren't ready offensively for that game.

Anybody that wants to pin that on him wasn't watching the same game we were watching. And, I wouldn't pin any of those games on him.

Ohio State, he managed that game about as well as you'd expect - his fourth start on the road against the No. 1 team in the country. We moved the ball pretty well and he was pretty efficient throwing the ball. Obviously, everybody remembers the two plays at the end of the game (interceptions returned for touchdowns) and they criticize him.

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