August 9, 2007

ASI Insider Report: Offense gets its revenge

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For the first time on Thursday the Seminole players donned shoulder pads and helmets. Even though all out tackling is not permitted until the full pads come on this Saturday, there was plenty of contact and even a couple spirited scuffles. But what stood out more than the hard hitting was how well the players held up in extreme heat.

For the third straight practice the heat index soared well above the 100 degree mark yet you wouldn't know it from watching the team. Sure there was plenty of sweating and cold water and PowerAde were being consumed at a furious pace, but according to Director of Sports Medicine Randy Oravetz not a single player missed time because of an issue with the heat. That's a far cry from last season when sometimes four and five players had to be carted off the field because of cramps, exhaustion or some other heat related issue.

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