August 14, 2007

'Brotherly' brouhaha, as ends square off

Everson Griffen is here.

From the blockers who knocked him on his back early last week, to the offensive linemen who have fallen victim to his speed and power lately, to the defensive ends who have taken a few reps on the interior to make room for him, players have noticed the true freshman's presence on the USC practice field.

The Trojans know where Griffen is. During Monday's practice, junior defensive end Kyle Moore wanted to make sure that Griffen knows where Griffen is.

Moments later, the two linemen were involved in their first of two altercations.

"He just has to learn that it's a different world out here," Moore said calmly after practice, adding that the two had hugged and made up.

As the junior told it, Griffen began complaining about his sore back, and Moore told him he should be quiet and "suck it up" like everyone else. From there, the confrontation escalated.

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