August 14, 2007

Tuesday A.M. Practice Insider: Carroll’s Clinic

Practice was dismissed. With a full session coming in the afternoon, USC coach Pete Carroll took it easy on his players in the morning, working them out for only an hour and fifteen minutes.

But, he made an exception.

As the rest of the team streamed out, Carroll gathered the wide receivers and tight ends in the northeast corner of Howard Jones field for a 10-15 minute master class on the art of catching a football.

"This may seem real subtle to you, but this is how you miss footballs," the coach said.

Carroll placed his hands together and demonstrated how to catch a ball, while taking throws from his son Brennan, the tight ends coach. At first, Carroll emphasized the importance of hand symmetry, with the thumbs and fore fingers connecting to make a triangle - giving the nose of the football a place to snuggle in. Carroll kept his hands in position on balls to his right and left, showing that a low, outside pass does not provide an excuse to dismiss technique.

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