August 17, 2007

The number one units dominate scrimmage 2

The Georgia Bulldogs held there second scrimmage despite being delayed for an hour by thunderstorms in Sanford Stadium. Head Coach Mark Richt was satisfied with the performance of his number one offense and defense as they prepare to battle Oklahoma State on September 1.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford looked sharp connecting with several receivers for touchdowns and the defense add a few points of their own to the scoreboard with a pair of safeties and a fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Here is a breakdown of some of the big plays of the day in Coach Richt's own words.

Geno Atkins had a 40-yard fumble return for a touchdown. It was a Tony Taylor like play. It was a scrum and everyone was looking around for the ball and he finally picked it up and took off running with it. The ball was on the ground for a while and no one knew where it was.

Joe Cox to Mike Moore 31-yard touchdown diving catch capping a 70-yard drive by the number one unit on third and long.

Matthew Stafford to Tony Wilson 24-yard touchdown pass to cap a 60-yard drive.

Stafford to Kenneth Harris for 37-yard touchdown to cap a 55-yard drive.

Stafford to Sean Bailey for 43-yard touchdown on a 60-yard drive where the ball was on the minus 40 for a two-minute drill. That was the final play before the half.

In the second half coming out at the one, Kelin Johnson recorded a safety against the number two offense.

Quintin Banks and Demarcus Dobbs combined for a safety against the number one offense with the number two defense coming out from the one. Obviously the defense won that drill.

Joe Cox hit T.J. Gartrell for a 10-yard touchdown and the defense stopped the two-point try that was against the number one defense.

The number one offense had Jason Johnson score on a three-yard touchdown run, the two-point play failed again, the number defense stopped that.

In overtime, the number two offense started out, got stopped, and had to kick a field goal. Andy Bailey kicked a 42-yard field goal. Then the number one offense got the ball and could only get five yards and had to kick a 40-yard field goal, Brandon Coutu made his kick. Both kickers made their kick.

In the goal line drill, the number one defense won 3-1 and the number one offense tied 2-2. Stafford did throw a touchdown pass to Coleman Watson for a one-yard touchdown during the goal line drill.

Walk-on running back Calvin Daniels had a nice goal line run where he and Reshad Jonesmet head-to-head on about the one-yard line and Calvin won the human equation and ended up keeping his feet and scoring on a great second effort run.

The number one defense played great and the number one offense played very good. You have the stats so I don't know what else to say.

With Matthew going 14 of 17 he must have had some time. Is that a good sign about the offensive line?

That was a big difference. The number one unit blocked really well and there were some spurts where the number two unit did. A couple of Joe Cox's competitions were with the number two unit. He had plenty of time on some third down conversions. As a matter of fact on the first drive he completed a ball and we handed the ball off on a first and ten midfield on about the 40 and that is when Geno got the fumble and scored on the next play. The initial drive, it was third and long, and Joe completed a nice ball, then the next play they fumbled the exchange and Geno scored on it. There were a couple of moments when the two-unit blocked well offensively, but 80 percent of the time it did not look like much. That is why Jason had 16 carries and 15 yards. When Jason did get a shot with the number one unit in the overtime period on a plus-9 drive he had two runs and scored. He did a nice job of running the ball when he had a little space. I know J.J. was a little frustrated today.

As a head coach, is that what you want from your number one units?

We want our number one units to do well. I think our number two defense is definitely further along than our number two offense. The good news is we have more time because we only have to play one unit. That will be good enough.

Does that indicate you probably have guys in the right spots on the depth chart?

Probably, but all it takes is a couple of guys on a two-unit to have a missed assignment and it can make the whole group look like it is struggling. We probably two or three guys away instead of eleven guys away and it is hard sometimes to gauge where a skill player might be on offense if there is not enough time to throw it or even enough space on the line of scrimmage to get to it. Sometimes it is really hard to judge that.

Do you have a starting tailback yet?

I don't know. I would say after today we might have a little better feel. We played Thomas, Lumpkin, and Knowshon only in the first half. In the second half, we did not play them because we are pretty comfortable that they are game ready. I did not want to go overboard. We did want our first half to be as crisp as we could possibly get it on offense, so those three took the snaps with the first unit in the first half. I do not know if we are any closer to saying who the starter is.

Any players get injured during the scrimmage?

Nothing big. I think Kiante Tripp sprained an ankle. Ron Courson does not think it is very severe. Vince Vance took a shot in the ribs and he should be ok in a relatively short amount of time. Rennie Curran took a shot in the ribs also and he did not finish, but he was walking around fine. I think he ought to be back relatively quick.

Do you feel like Tony Wilson and Mike Moore are making a move up the depth chart into the first unit?

They are in there and they definitely deserve to play at this point. If they don't go backwards between now and then, they definitely ought to play along with Bailey, Massaquoi, Mikey Henderson, Kenneth Harris, and Kris Durham, who we have not seen much of lately. Gartrell and Demiko Goodman we have not seen a lot of them, though Gartrell did have a touchdown catch today.

What about A.J. Bryant?

A.J. has been out for a while, but when he is healthy I am sure he will be in the mix.

Is the mood about the number one offense better than it was after the first scrimmage?

It was better. You know we had a lot more success offensively today than the other day. We look more like what we should, but we are still a ways off.

Did you see a sense of urgency in these guys because your next scrimmage is the prep scrimmage for Oklahoma State?

For the practice game we will try and lineup like we would for the first game. That is not to say no changes have ever been made after that point. We will be making some hard decisions in the next day or two.

Where are those hard decisions other than tailback?

Well they are all over the place. Some of them are hard in the fact that we have to distinguish between starters. Some of them are about the percentage of playing time for a second team player. Is he ready for 10 percent or 40 percent of the snaps.

Injury Report

Tripp Chandler, Chris Gaunder, Tanner Strickland, Kris Durham, John Knox, Thomas Flowers, Josh Davis, and Bryan Evans were in green for the scrimmage and did not participate. Rennie Curran and Vince Vance suffered rib injuries, but should be fine in a few days. Kiante Tripp has a sprained ankle and will be day-to-day.


Dannell Ellerbe- 9 tackles, 2 for a loss, 1 sack
Rennie Curran- 9 tackles
Corvey Irvin- 6 tackles, 1 for a loss, and 1 sack
Reshad Jones- 5 tackles and 1 PBU
Jeff Owens- 5 tackles,1 for a loss, and 1 sack
Demarcus Dobbs- 4 tackles, 3 for a loss, and 2 sacks
Geno Atkins- 4 tackles, 2 for a loss, and one fumble recovery, 40 yards for a touchdown
Kelin Johnson- 2 tackles, 1 for a loss, 1 INT with 26 yard return, and 1 sack
Asher Allen- 1 tackle and 2 PBU

Knowshon Moreno- 3 rushes for 27 yards
Kregg Lumpkin- 5 rushes for 26 yards
Jason Johnson- 16 rushes for 15 yards
Thomas Brown- 6 rushes for 14 yards
Shaun Chapas- 3 rushes for 13 yards

Stafford 14 of 17 for 218 yards and 4 touchdowns
Cox 8 of 15 with one interception, 94 yards, and a touchdown

Sean Bailey- 3 catches for 71 yards and a touchdown
Kenneth Harris- 2 catches for 51 yards and a touchdown
Tony Wilson- 3 catches for 47 yards and a touchdown
Mike Moore- 2 catches for 40 yards and a touchdown
Coleman Watson- 2 catches for 37 yards and a touchdown
Mohamed Massaquoi- 2 catches for 26 yards
Knowshon Moreno- 2 catches for 18 yards
Shaun Chapas- 2 catches for 10 yards
T.J. Gartrell- 1 catch for 10 yards and a touchdown
Walter Hill- 1 catch for 3 yards

Other Stats:
Jeremy Lomax blocked a kick on a 57-yard field goal attempt on a bad snap.
C.J. Byrd had a fumble recovery
Michael Lemon forced a fumble
Reshad Jones forced a fumble
Drew Williams forced a fumble

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