August 19, 2007

Moylan works his way back

A few months ago, Devan Moylan didn't have any idea that he would be back in an Iowa uniform for another season. But, he is back and that is good news for the safety position at Iowa, which lacks an experienced hand on the back end. Moylan talks about his road back to the playing field, the chances that he will be ready for the opener, plus much more.

Q: How have you felt getting back in the groove of camp?

MOYLAN: It is coming along. It is fun to get back out here with the guys and play again. I'm just getting in there, playing hard, watching the film, and then trying to correct my mistakes.

Q: How is the process of coming back from an injury going? Are you taking it easy and not trying to push things too hard?

MOYLAN: They have been monitoring it pretty carefully, but we haven't really had an setbacks. Everything seems to be moving forward. I have been doing everything with the team. They really haven't put any limitations on me.

Q: What percent do you feel that you are right now?

MOYLAN: That is hard to say. I definitely have some room to improve. I can tell that I am still missing a little bit, but it is getting there.

Q: How has Greenwood done?

MOYLAN: He has done well. He is young, talented, and you can tell that his head is in the right place. I think he will be a good Hawkeye in the future.

Q: Morrow is a guy who seems to be getting in the mix at safety. Talk a little bit about him?

MOYLAN: He is a young guy with good instincts who is also a very talented player. He just has to keep going at it because I think he can be a real talented player for us as long as he keeps his head on straight.

Q: Has Everson been picking balls like he did today in practice?

MOYLAN: (laugh) He has been doing well. He is definitely improving every day and that is all you can ask for from a young player.

Q: Do you think you will be ready for the opener?

MOYLAN: Yeah, I will be ready.

Q: What is the one thing that has to come around for you to feel really ready?

MOYLAN: I would say top end speed. I feel like that is getting closer and closer every day, so I just have to keep working at it.

Q: Has camp been different at all this year? Obviously it has been hot.

MOYLAN: It has been hot, but I think that is good for the team in order to build a mental edge. The games are never going to be easy and the practices in the heat help us get ready.

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