August 19, 2007

Eubanks talks offensive line

It is hard to think of a redshirt sophomore as the leader of the offensive line in terms of experience, but that very well may be the case with Rafael Eubanks. The center of the Hawkeye offensive line speaks very candidly about the state of the Iowa line play and where they are at after Saturday's practice. He also talks about the development of young players, like true freshman, Bryan Bulaga, who saw time with the second team, plus much more.

Q: What did you think of the defense today?

EUBANKS: I thought they came out strong today. That is what we expect from our defense every day, especially in practice. I think we can come out and be a little more physical. We will obviously see more on the film. But, we expect great things from our defense this year.

Q: After two weeks of camp, did you think that the offensive line would be further along?

EUBANKS: I wouldn't necessarily say further along, because we do have a lot of inexperience. It is going to take those guys a little longer to pick things up and get at that game speed. Right now everything is little bit quicker for them and they are not able to see things. But, you can see that during the two weeks that some of these guys are finally settling in, reading it out, and hopefully pick things up. We have two weeks left and I think we will be set.

Q: So it is slowing down for guys like Julian Vandervelde?

EUBANKS: Yeah it is. Especially coming into camp for Julian, it can lead you to get a little nervous. Sometimes in your first time with the one's it kind of overwhelms them. Now that we have kind of gotten into it, things are slowing down and they are picking things up.

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