August 23, 2007

Q&A with Tight Ends Coach John Lilly

No offensive position may have seen more change since last season than tight ends. After losing Brandon Warren to a transfer and Caz Piurowski to the offensive line, the position has welcomed new additions in Jonathan Hannah and former offensive lineman John Frady. Tight ends coach John Lilly talked about the changes at tight end and how his group has performed this preseason.

Q: How have the tight ends performed as a group this preseason?

John Lilly:
Very inconsistently which is probably a little bit to be expected but obviously not what we have got to have at this stage. It is difficult when you either have guys who have not been there before or who have not been at that position here before working there.

Also, Charlie (Graham) did not come out of the gate particularly well but has done well the last week and a half. That is what you expect and what we need because he has to be our leader being the only veteran among the group.

Q: How is Jonathan Hannah performing?

John Lilly:
You could talk to him and he would tell you the same thing I am going to tell you. He has to get into shape and he has to get used to playing football again. There are a lot of things he has got to work on and some of it he can't work on until he gets into better condition. If you don't have real solid fundamentals anyways and you get out of shape, you start to stray from them even more and I think that is the thing that has lacked for him from not having played for a little bit of time. He is progressing.

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