August 28, 2007

Bruins getting ready for Stanford

The Bruins are beginning to look like a formidable ballclub and the piece are beginning to fit. This is the time that hope is eternal and everyone, at least on paper, has a chance for the national championship. It appeared that all cylinders were firing during yesterday's practice and only Saturday's game will be a true gage of progress made.

Yes it does look good in Westwood and everyone from the coaches to the players look ready. The pace of yesterday's practice was has good as it has ever been.

Karl Dorrell was in an upbeat mood when he met the press.

Dorrell: "Good practice, we did our kind of normal Tuesday, which is a heavy day, which is a lot of stuff, a lot of scout periods, a lot of special teams stuff, we finish up with a lot of competitive stuff against each other and we run a little bit so we do it all trying to get ourselves ready for a great game.

"It was good work today, which we will put another type practice like we did today, tomorrow and taper back from that point so it was good work today.

Now that McLeod Bethel-Thompson has had some reps with the twos, how has he looked for however long it has been?

Dorrell: "He looks good. He really does. He knows what he's doing and you can tell his confidence gets better and better the more reps he gets

"I know that sounds kind of like a cliché, but it is for him. He hasn't had many reps in camp until this injury happened with Patrick Cowan and then all of a sudden he's getting all those reps and he's not making the same mistake twice. He is actually getting better and better each time. He's going to be ready to go.

"I'm very pleased. I'm very comfortable with him as our two and I mentioned that in my press conference. He's going to know what to do.

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