August 30, 2007

Video Interview: Rocko Khoury

Earning a scholarship offer at the Michigan summer camp, Traverse City (Mich.) West offensive lineman Rocko Khoury promptly gave a commitment to the Wolverines. On Friday evening, his team lost in a contest with Hudsonville. See what he had to say about that game and his development in an exclusive video interview.

On how the team fell short:

"We weren't firing off the ball. That's the main thing. Even on the base plays, just run it down their throat, and when we finally picked the tempo up, you saw what happened. We got two scores just doing that. We've just got to keep that through a whole game. It can't take us a half to start that tempo up. It's got to start from the first play."

On if he felt his conditioning was good enough playing both ways:

"I'm definitely not in condition enough. I think last year I was kind of, I don't know if I want to say 'holding back,' but this game I was just all out, and I noticed that I really do need more conditioning."

On how he will improve his conditioning:

"It's going to be giving 100% throughout the drills. That will be probably the biggest part."

On his position in college:

"Right now, Coach Carr told me that I'd be in the center/guard slot."

On how he needs to improve:

"I've just got to go from a high school player to a college player. And that can't be next year. It's got to be this year. I've got to definitely pick up my caliber of play so that I can compete."

On how his team needs to improve:

"We've just got to pull together. Like I said, from our first play, it's got to be there. We can't listen to the press. The press clippings have us all talked up … yeah, it could be true. We have the potential of doing it, but potential is worthless."

On if he considers himself a leader on his new team:

"I still see myself as a leader - I'm more a leader by example. I don't talk too much. I'm not too chatty on the field. I try to keep things to myself. Just, if I pick up my caliber of play, hopefully kids will feed off that."

On going to Michigan next year:

"I try to keep that out of my head and focus on this team. I don't want to focus on U-M and then kind of drop out. Not drop out, but kind of lower down my play. So I'm playing for this team right now, then when the season's over I'll start for U-M."

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