September 4, 2007

Ghost of O'Brien hovers over B.C.

The vultures were ready to circle around the head of first-year Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski after Wake Forest sprinted out to a 14-0 early first quarter lead Saturday.

Jagodzinski has nowhere to go but down after inheriting a stocked program from Tom O'Brien, who left Boston College after 10 years to take over the North Carolina State program.

Jagodzinski's quest is simple for this year - win the Atlantic Division and ACC title and get to a BCS bowl game.

Losing the season and home opener to Wake Forest, and the whispers that the 43-year-old Jagodzinski wasn't ready for the job would grow louder and louder. Jagodzinski knows being compared to O'Brien is part of the job.

Both coaches describe their relationship as cordial.

"I have always respected Tom," Jagodzinski said. "I had the chance to work for him the first time around here at Boston College. I always respected the way he ran his program.

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