September 5, 2007

OU ready for Miami's swagger

There's a commercial playing during Big 12 Conference games this year. It's a commercial that portrays every day people being heckled by a voice off-camera.

In the commercial, someone makes fun of an old man trimming his hedges in black knee-high socks - that sort of thing.

It's trying to promote better sportsmanship by fans. It ends with a tagline saying something about the viewer not wanting to be heckled, so why would they do the same to a student-athlete?

The first time I saw it, I laughed, but not at the people being heckled, or even the cleverness of the commercial. I laughed at the sentiment of the commercial - that the Big 12 actually wasted precious advertising space on such a hopeless and utopian view of big-time college athletics.

College football has become one of this country's biggest sporting events. Colleges benefit from the dollars these events bring in. But they somehow want to wish away the bad parts of big-time sporting events.

Or at least the parts they perceive as harmful or bad for the game.

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