September 10, 2007

He said. She said. Bearcat beatdown


.She said::...



Yes, it was ugly this week in Cincinnati, and while I didn't travel back to
the game like Eric did, I actually had the luxury of watching the game (twice)
with the help of the ESPN announcers, on my small, non-HD television.

No game ball awarded here. Sorry, but just nothing there to warrant the award.
Sean Canfield had moments where he looked really good, but the offense
simply could not sustain a drive and the offensive line did not help give him
a lot of time to throw nor did they open up any big holes for Yvenson Bernard
to run, which would have helped open up the game plan.

As the ESPN crew noted, it looked like the Beaver offense just wasn't ready
for the game. Maybe the "spirited" practice they had the day before
took it out of them, I am not sure, but many times they looked sluggish next
to the fast Cincinnati defenders.

Early on I was actually impressed with the way that Canfield was spreading
the ball out to his receivers. There were some nice receptions made by Anthony Brown, Brandon Powers, Howard Croom, and Darrell Catchings; just not during the same drive.

What was lacking however, was throwing mid-range and deep passes. After the
first bomb to Sammie Stroughter was dropped, it seemed that the play
calling became conservative in an effort to help build the confidence of the
young quarterback. Also absent was the use of the shot gun, which may have given
Canfield just a little more time to make the play with the rush on.

It was a little disheartening to see a 3rd and 14 play (with the Bearcats trying
to stop the run) where the Beavers opt for a receiver screen. With the way the
Bearcats were swarming to the ball, I knew from the onset that play was doomed
for failure. On another 3rd and long, Canfield was under center and still making
a seven step drop…yowzers, no wonder he looked fast to dump the ball off.

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