September 18, 2007

On the rebound

It was a long weekend for everyone involved with Oklahoma State, from fans to coaches to players.

Especially players.

After all, those were the ones actually on the field for the 41-23 whipping by Troy this past Friday night. They're on the front lines after every game. Win and they're heroes in Stillwater. Lose and the talk the next week is about how a certain position isn't good enough, or that a change somewhere needs to be made.

No doubt, it's a tough deal for student-athletes aged anywhere from the upper teens to lower 20s. A lot rides on their shoulders. In the case of Cowboy players, it's being a part of a team trying to build OSU into a consistent winner. After games like the one against the Trojans, the burden of becoming a winner becomes much heavier to bear.

Especially after many are calling the loss to Troy one of the lowest points for the Pokes in recent memory.

But talk to a player, and you'll get a different spin on things.

"Every loss is a low point for me," Jeremy Nethon said. "It's not easy to handle a loss, but in the same aspect you've got to take it in stride. It was a good quality team. Troy had athletes, they had good coaching and they went out there and they played well and I give it to them. They were a good team and we didn't go out there and perform."

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