September 20, 2007

Peterman has taken two visits

One of the top players in Ohio for 2009 is Dale Peterman. However not many people know about his skills because he was forced to sit out his sophomore year to concentrate on his grades. Now Peterman is back on the field and is making plays. Those plays aren't going unnoticed, and he has recently taken two visits to Big Ten powers.

So far things are going good for Youngstown Ursuline High School. They are off to a 3-1 start, and are asserting themselves as a power at the division five level.

When asked about his start, Peterman said, "Things are going real good. I think there are some things that I can improve on right now, but I think I am doing good."

Since he wasn't able to play as a sophomore, it is natural to expect that he had a little catching up to do in terms of speed of the game and getting back into football shape. According to Peterman there was a little rust, but nothing too bad.

"Yeah, I was a little rusty coming into the first game," Peterman said. "I just wasn't used to game time experience since my freshman year. It was all kind of new for me, but after a few plays it all came back."

With his explosive athleticism and ability to make plays, currently the Ursuline coaching staff is looking for creative ways to get Peterman the ball in space. "(Coach) is using me as a wide receiver. He is trying to make plays for me. I mean they are making new plays for me, every week there is a new play designed for me to go at the defense. Last week against Massillon we ran a reverse, but I got tackled in the back field. He is putting in reverses and trick plays for me. Most of the pass plays come to me, but they are just trying different things."

One of the best things about this year for Peterman is that he gets to play with his good friend and fellow big time prospect, Darrell Mason.

When it comes to recruiting, many of the top schools in the area are sending him letters. Illinois, Penn State, Ohio State, Duke, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Indiana, Florida State and Auburn have been sending letters.

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