September 23, 2007

Negatives outweigh the positives again

Say what you want about the effort given throughout the game by Arizona in its 45-27 loss to California on Saturday, however, this contest was easily lost in the first quarter.

Sure, there were mistakes, and bad ones, throughout the game. However, Cal's dominance of the first quarter defeated Arizona before the Wildcats could even really get started.

Before it was even halfway through the first quarter, the Golden Bears already had two drives that were four plays, each of which were 46 seconds or less and resulting in a touchdown. Defeating Cal would have been difficult enough as it was, but to give a team with the offense that the Golden Bears have that many points is simply handing Cal the win.

There are going to be many negatives taken from the game. First of all, where has the defense gone? Have opposing teams simply figured Arizona's defense out, or are the players just simply not meeting their capabilities?

Remember, this is the same defense that impressed many last season, and has consistently improved during Mike Stoops' tenure at Arizona. However, it has been anything but impressive thus far this season.

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