September 23, 2007

A win and no injuries

OK, let's analyze what happened to BC in the heat of the Alumni Stadium FieldTurf Saturday.

First of all, a letdown was predictable after those three ACC games, and against a team that's out their busting its collective you-know-what's for 60 minutes. But this wasn't your typical letdown.

This was a letdown that really was caused by Andre Callender dropping a pass in the end zone and Kevin Challenger fumbling the ball away at the Army 3, wasn't it? Take away those two plays and things may well have gotten out of hand early.

That said, this wasn't a great afternoon for the Eagles. But here's the thing - you don't play very well and you win by 20, that's a good thing. "I don't want you guys coming away from here thinking that everything is not a good deal," Jeff Jagodzinski said after the game. "Winning is a good deal. It really is but we need to get better than we were today to get where we want to go."

But the Eagles are 4-0, I did see one message posting saying the team won and there were apparently no serious injuries. That's what you want from a game like this. That's what you want against UMass. That's what you want the week after that against Bowling Green. And you also probably want Notre Dame to win a game before BC gets there. You want the Irish to be a lousy team, you don't want them to be a winless lousy team that suddenly sees BC as its Super Bowl. Note: Notre Dame is at Purdue and UCLA before the Eagles get there.

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