September 24, 2007

Practice Notes: Henderson absorbing the moment

Mikey Henderson said he saw 330-pound tackle offensive tackle Chester Adams headed his way moments after his 25-yard touchdown catch in overtime enabled Georgia to beat Alabama 26-23 Saturday night in Tuscaloosa.

But the 156-pound Henderson still could not get out of the way.

As a result, Henderson became the target of one of the biggest dog piles in recent memory as the Bulldogs raced in to celebrate their huge win.

"Yeah, I saw him and I thought I had dodged him, but there he was, No. 67, coming right at me. He got on me and I was on the bottom. From the TV, you can pretty much see what I was feeling," Henderson said. "I was trying not to be on the bottom, but I knew I was going to be on the bottom. It was a great feeling, but I'm still feeling the pressure that was on top of me with all those guys."

Cornerback Thomas Flowers said he had a perfect view of what happened.

"Cheese had frog-splashed him, you know, kind of like Eddie Guerrero with the WCW when he jumped off the top rope," Flowers said. "Cheese spread out and just spattered Mikey."

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