October 7, 2007

BC No. 4 -- crazy or not?

OK, let's get this straight.

BC was No. 14 in the country three weeks ago, then beat three weaker teams, two in less-than-spectacular fashion, and has jumped TEN spots in the AP poll. All the way to No. 4.

No. 4?

It's crazy.

So much has happened in the way of upsets the past three weeks, the Eagles are No. 4 in the country. They are NOT the fourth-best team in the country. We all know that. But that's the way the voting goes on this thing. Teams lose, they drop. Teams win, they go up, even if they beat UMass, 24-14.

That's the system. But what the heck, folks. Enjoy it.

Maybe this IS one of the best teams in the country. No one else seems to want to be. Besides, people keep telling you you're on of the best, maybe that seeps in and you become one of the best. The coaches may not like it al much - the dangers of thinking you've actually done something when it's still fairly early and all that - but it's not the worst thing to have people paying attention, especially when you have a longshot Heisman Trophy candidate who might be closing in on more.

And -- news flash: If you're No. 4 halfway through the schedule and teams are getting beaten all over the place, you officially have the right to start thinking crazy thoughts - like, not only playing in a BCS bowl, but also WHICH BCS bowl you might be playing in. Like the big one?

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