October 15, 2007

Rutgers exposed SU's main problem

Saturday the Orange lost, again, dropping their record to 1-6 and falling to 1-2 in the conference. As the losses pile up and the opponents scoring totals climb (the Orange have given up a combined 93 points in the last two games) the time has come to address the real problems with this Orange football team.

When a team loses six of its seven games, and is outscored 228-74 in its six losses, little mistakes and miscues can no longer be blamed.

The Orange football team has talent, but it also has a fundamental flaw that prevents it from winning football games. That flaw was never more evident than on Saturday when the Orange mounted a 14-0 lead only to give up 38 unanswered points.

Core Weakness

One of the frustrating elements about the Orange's lack of success is the talent they have at skill positions. Curtis Brinkley is a quick and slashing back. Taj Smith has big play potential and Mike Williams is an athletic and gifted wideout.

Andrew Robinson is a strong and mobile pocket passer who can hit his targets and throw the deep ball. Jameel McClain looked like one of the Big East's best pass rushers on defense last season and defensive backs Joe Fields and Dowayne Davis are athletic and experienced.

Special teams are one of its most promising units. Punter Rob Long averaged 45 yards per punt against Rutgers and Max Suter looks more dangerous with every kick return.

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