November 5, 2007

He said. She said. Deja vu


.She said::...



Yes, the offense struggled all night, but this was the USC Trojans they were
dealing with. The defensive line for the Men of Troy was pretty impressive and
gave redshirt freshman Ryan Pohl more than he could handle. The Trojans
saw no Yvenson Bernard and decided to put the pressure on the offensive
line and young quarterback and it worked.

USC also decided that a game against the Beavs was an excellent time to mix
up their defensive scheme, playing mostly man-to-man instead of their usual
zone. The result…receivers who struggled to get open and a quarterback
who was running for his life most of the evening, and with the inability to
establish the run, it spelled a long night for the Beaver offense.

2007 has simply been a rough year for the Beaver offense. In July I thought
that the offense could be spectacular with three senior wide receivers, Bernard
and four out of five returning offensive linemen. The big question marks were
tight end and quarterback, but I figured that by the time the season got rolling,
both would be hitting their stride.

Well, we've all seen what has happened…Sammie Stroughter, the
Beavers leading deep threat was injured; Jeremy Perry and Tavita Thompson were lost on the line, and now Bernard is out (hopefully not for
long)…these are big obstacles to overcome, even for a veteran QB. The silver-lining
that I see is that even with these set-backs, the Beavers have still been competitive
(when not shooting themselves in the foot). We all knew USC was going to be
tough, especially in LA. Just because the LA media likes to parade this as a
"down year" for the Trojans, I think we all saw that they have talent
deep into their depth chart.

Am I disappointed in the loss, you bet, but this one really doesn't sting as
much as the Cincinnati or UCLA game.


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