November 8, 2007

Dunbar ready for Maryland?

Just as Jeff Jagodzinski said Sunday, focus has not been a problem after the end of the undefeated dream.

"That goes with the character of the team we have this year," DeJuan Tribble said Wednesday. "It's tough to play a whole college football season without losing a game and we know there are a lot of teams out there that can beat you. I think I like the mindset our team. Guys have great focus and are preparing hard for Maryland."

The players are well aware what's still out there for them.

The ACC title.

"That's definitely the goal we set out for at the beginning of the season, get to the ACC championship game and take it one step further (than the program has gone)," Tribble said. "That's still in our plans, to do so."

Said Matt Ryan: We all know that the loss is a tough thing to take but at the same time you have to turn around and play well the next week in order to achieve the goals we set out to achieve at the begging of the year. People have focused in really quickly on what we need to do against Maryland; we need to play better than we have and execute on offense. I think (re-focusing) is definitely one of the strengths of the football team."

"It's a tough loss because we had an opportunity to win at the end of the game and to take the ball down, either tie it up or win the game with a touchdown and we didn't get it done. It's just one game, though. It's just one game, it's one isolated incident and you have to go ahead and put it behind you and make sure we prepare this and try and play well this week.

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