November 13, 2007

Wright: We can't underestimate ourselves

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Q: Why do you think the passing game has struggled?

Wright: There's a lot of different reasons. It starts with the snap. You have to make throws, make catches. We also have to run the ball effectively. We didn't do any of them the other night. It's everybody.

Q: Can you simplify things on offense?

Wright: It can't get much more simple. It's not like we're out there running complicated stuff. It's stuff we've done a long time. That's the most disappointing thing about it. That's our offense.

Q: Are you getting good protection?

Wright: I think the offensive line is doing a better job than in the past. This past week
Virginia was tough up front, tough linebacker wise. They gave us fits, guys came free at times. Overall I think they've improved a lot.

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