November 19, 2007

Full speed ahead

If you're wondering if Jeff Jagodzinski and his staff plan on holding anything back because Saturday's game against Miami doesn't mean anything in terms of the ACC championship … well, you can stop wondering.

Jags told his Sunday telephone media conference there IS a lot at stake when the Hurricanes come to town for the regular season finale.

Saying he had discussions with his staff, Jagodzinski said, the Eagles will "do everything we can to win this football game."

In other words, there will be no resting of players who might be able to reap the benefits of not playing in a football game with the ACC title game on deck. It sounded like what holds for next week holds for this one - if you can play, you'll play.

And there's logic to this. Jags pointed out that "one other time in the regular season (1940) has Boston College won 10 games and we want the seniors to go out with that." He also said, "We haven't beaten Miami since 1984."

"A lot of things go into this ballgame where we'd like to win this game," he said.

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