December 26, 2007

Jenkins back on the market

The Josh Jenkins recruitment has taken another turn on Wednesday with the four star offensive guard clearing the way with his decommitment from West Virginia. Rich Rodriguez's departure from Morgantown (W.V.) to Ann Arbor (Mich.) was a major factor but not the only reason why Jenkins decided to make the move.

"I really felt like I was trying to be loyal to the state of West Virginia and I felt like I was being loyal by waiting a while to see who they named as coach," Jenkins said. "I just felt like it was taking a while and that is fine with me because it is all about business and I am just doing what is best for me and I wasn't sure about all the uncertainty that was going with the administration there and the coaching situation. I just thought I would look somewhere else."

Jenkins was quick to point out that this wasn't a decision that hit him overnight or was made in haste. The Gatorade player of the year in West Virginia wrestled for a long time before going public with his intentions.

"It is not something that I just decided," Jenkins said. "It takes time to think and write down pros and cons about it. I just felt like with all the uncertainty it was what's best for me for my future."

The 6-foot-3, 282-pounder has not closed the door entirely on WVU but will take more of a wait-and-see approach as the Mountaineers try and hire a new head coach.

"West Virginia is a good place and it just depends on the coach that they hired and how he approached me with how he sells the program," Jenkins said. "I have been committed for two years and it is not like I don't like the place it is just that I don't know if it is best for me."

Of course other schools move to the top of the pack and that is good news for fans of the Buckeyes.

"Leading the bunch is Ohio State, that is probably my top school right now," Jenkins said. "My top two schools are Ohio State and Florida State right now."

Jenkins is also looking at Penn State, Pittsburgh and of course West Virginia.

With National Signing Day rapidly approaching will Jenkins look to make a quick decision or let the process play out a little more before making a decision?

"Right now I am just going to chill out for awhile and wait to make a decision," Jenkins said. "It is a big thing and I have got to prepare myself now for how people are going to treat you. I am from West Virginia and now that I am decommitted everyone is going to be saying, 'Oh Josh Jenkins is overrated anyways and not very good anyways.'"

There are plenty of coaches from across the country that know Jenkins is anything but overrated. Jenkins now just has to go through the process and find the place that is best for him.

"I am just going to do what is best for me and just like the rest of the people do, it's a business and you have to do what is best for yourself because no one else has to get up in the morning and run and spend the next four years in your shoes doing what you have got to do."

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