January 20, 2008

Skyline safety impressed with Texas Tech

It was last spring when Dallas Skyline's Keanon Cooper took an unofficial trip to Lubbock for the spring game. But the four-star defender liked what he saw so much that he felt that it was time for an official stop at Texas Tech this weekend.

"Overall, I was very impressed," said Cooper at the airport on Sunday afternoon while waiting for his flight home. "There is a lot more to the city than I realized. There is just a lot to do. I got more out of the visit than I thought I would and it exceeded my expectations."

Part of the reason behind Cooper enjoying the visit so much was Cooper's player host.

"Marlon Williams hosted me. He's a person that really complimented my personality. I'm not a person looking for trouble and that is how he is too so we got along great.

"All of the players I met were real cool guys. They were around a lot hanging around each other and that's just how I am with my football team. The guys definitely make me laugh and they're cool. They're not real trouble guys and they're great people. They're positive on and off the field and I feel like I can fit in with this roster of players."

From speaking with the players and based on his own observations, there is one factor that impressed the Skyline standout more than anything else.

"It's the way they take care of their football players, they're well taken care of and I like that. They show their support here from the coaching staff but also from the fans, it's great."

The 6-foot-0, 190-pound prospect also had an opportunity to sit down with head coach Mike Leach.

"Coach Leach is a real cool dude. He showed me a little card trick that I was real impressed with. He's a real true and honest person. I get a good vibe from him and he's a great coach."

The coaching staff also briefly discussed where they might want Cooper, whose physical stature could fit at linebacker or a defensive back spot.

"They showed me defensive back drills and showed me film of Dwayne Slay, the safety from two years ago, because that is how they see me. They have a great defensive scheme. It's very similar to what we do at my high school right now."

The second opportunity to get a more in depth look at the Hub City and everything it had to offer was definitely worth Cooper's time.

"They have returning starters and the team is very young but that also shows that they play their young guys and that's a very big deal. If I came here then I can only help the team get better. They're going to have a great team, have a great scheme, and have a great group of guys. So it's all heading forward."

The recruiting process of Cooper is also moving forward as he has now completed his third official visit and is now beginning to have other schools to compare each visit to.

"Compared to Kansas State, it was a lot better. I couldn't see myself living there for four or five years but I could in Lubbock. They have everything, the academic support, the coaching staff and the facilities."

Cooper did not verbally commit to Texas Tech over the weekend and says he will continue to go through the process of taking all of his visits.

Stay tuned to RedRaiderSports.com tomorrow for another update on safety Keanon Cooper.

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