February 24, 2008

Chryst leading the charge to land Forcier

Holding offers from 17 different universities, quarterback Tate Forcier from San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch is one of the most highly coveted prospects in the 2009 class. Sunday night, BadgerBlitz.com got a hold of the four-star recruit and talked about his interest in Wisconsin, one of the many schools that have extended a scholarship offer.

The following is a question and answer with Forcier:

Is Wisconsin still actively recruiting you?

Forcier: Yeah. Yeah, they are, very hard actually. I'm in touch with them quite a bit.

Who is your recruiting coach from Wisconsin?

Well, it's Paul Chryst, but I heard a rumor recently that he had left. Yeah, I received a letter from him not too long ago, and when I heard a rumor that he was gone, I got really confused. I was wondering how he could still be sending me letters and not be coaching at Wisconsin.

Yeah, that's about it, I keep in touch with Coach Chryst and we talk here and there.

How is your relationship with Coach Chryst?

You know what, it seems like every time I try and call him lately I get his voicemail. I guess it's the luck of the draw sometimes but I'm so busy calling coaches all the time, it's non-stop, all day long. So, I call him and leave him voicemails. It kind of sucks, but I'm just going to keep calling him until I get a hold of him. I'm probably going to call him tomorrow to see if I can get in touch with him again. Coaches can't call back right now, so that kind of stinks.

Do you plan on taking any visits up to Madison in the future?

Actually, yeah. I visited there last summer and that's when I got my offer. I went up to one of their camps and I met with Coach Chryst. He watched one of my sophomore tapes. He also said he was extremely impressed with my junior film. It's good because they were one of the first to offer, that shows me that I was their guy. By now they probably offered another quarterback, but then, I was the first quarterback they had offered. A school that picks you first is always an option because you always want to be the man. You don't want them looking at someone else. Either you're their guy or your not.

Do you have any favorites? There have been a few rumors that Oregon and Penn State are at the top of your list.

You know what, a lot of people have been saying that. A lot of people are saying Penn State because I went to one of there games and all of that. Really, I'm more wide open than any body. I'm wide open to any school. A lot of reporters ask me who they should put on the top of my list and I usually tell them to put whoever they want because I'm honestly wide open to everybody. I'm going to keep myself wide open and later on I'll lie all of my cards out on the table and go from there.

I'm not going to choose any favorites right now because I have none. How can I with so many schools to choose from? It would be impossible to pick favorites now.

Have you been able to attend any junior days?

Nope. Actually my plan is to take as many visits as I can during the spring and if I don't make my decision by the end of the spring, I plan on riding out the entire process. I'm going to take as many visits as possible and like I said, lay all of my cards out on the table and see who I like. You can't just make a decision like this off the top of your head, you have to go through the whole process. I've met with the coaches from Wisconsin before, so I have a good feel for their coaching staff. I really felt comfortable when I spoke with Coach Chryst because he's one of those guys that kind of just gives it to you straight and that's definitely something I like.

Being from California, will the climate and location have anything to do with your decision?

No, not at all. I've had a bunch of people ask me that. As you probably already know, my brother went to Michigan and no one is more of a San Diego boy than he is. With that being said, I actually just got an offer from Michigan the other day. But yeah, my brother is one of those guys that loves the beach and he went from the beach to the snow. So, he always says it's a new experience and it's something that's cool to go through. Everyone needs to try new things and why not start with college? College is going to be a whole new atmosphere and you need to find out where you're going to fit.

Do plan on attending any camps or combines this summer?

I plan on attending the Stanford Nike combine. My family tries to compete as much as possible, regardless if it's going to help us with the recruiting process or not. There's always something new you can pick up at any camp, so we try and attend as many camps as possible. We haven't sat down and discussed all the different possibilities, but I do expect to participate in a lot of camps this summer.

What are some of your strengths on the football field?

Really, I think I'm the most balanced quarterback in the country. To be honest, I'm not a guy that brags, but I haven't seen any other quarterback in this class that is more balanced than me. I can run if I have to, I can scramble when needed, I can sit in the pocket and deliver, and I can run any type of offense. I think I have a lot of everything in me and I think that's good.

I'm sure a lot of the schools see that and I'm sure that's why I'm getting a lot of offers. A lot of quarterbacks are one dimensional, but I'm the kind of quarterback that's going to put the defense on their heels. I'm the type of quarterback where the defense is going to have to prepare; they're going to be nervous. It's something that runs in my family and my brothers have always been like that. I think I have a little bit of both of them.

Being multi-dimensional, is the spread offense something you're looking for?

Like I said, I can run anything. My high school offense is mainly a spread but a third of the time we run a pro-style offense. I can also play from under the center, so you're going to have to learn how to run everything. There are going to be certain times even in a spread offense where you're going to have to get up under center. I don't mind either style of offense, I'm going to go where I feel I fit. If it's a pro-style offense and if I have a good chance to play, with good coaches, and a good school, then so be it. The offense doesn't bother me, I'll go wherever I fit.

Is the depth chart something that will play a role in your final decision?

Oh, yeah, that's something that is very important. A lot of these schools that are recruiting me have told me that they don't have a quarterback and they want me to be prepared to come in and play. I've had about four or five schools directly say that. I know a lot of coaches tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. But I do my part, I research and all the schools that have told me that aren't lying. With coaches telling me that, it gives me that much more confidence and makes me feel like I can step right in and play.

Do you plan on graduating early?

Yes, my goal is to graduate before spring. That's why I want to make my decision hopefully by the end of this spring, so my senior I'm settled in and know where I want to go. I want to get to the school I choose for spring ball.

What's your current size (height and weight)?

I've actually grown quite a bit. I'm currently 6-foot-1 and 195 pounds. So, I put on a few pounds since the season. I've been working out every single day.

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