March 28, 2008

GoPowercat Q&A: Dave Brock

Dave Brock's second year as a Kansas State assistant coach will be vastly different than his first, as he will go from the man in charge of handling a group of wide receivers to the one responsible for the performance of an entire offense. sat down with the 40-year old Pennsylvania native to talk about his offensive philosophy and a host of other issues that fell in his lap along with his recent promotion.

This isn't your first time around. Can you use some of the experience you have to your benefit?
I hope so. I think experience is valuable. Whether it's a player or a coach, everybody's ultimate goal should be to add value to the program, and make Kansas State the best it can be. I don't know that it matters who you are. Do your job the way you're supposed to do your job, and things will turn out well.

Some fans were concerned about the lack of a deep passing attack last year. Is that something that should change with you running the offense?
We'll see. I don't know that I share the concern, but when we go into spring practice, we'll look at that. We'll look at all those things and try to develop the best plan to help Kansas State win. That's all we can do.

Are there a few players on the offensive side of the ball that have had fantastic off-seasons?
A lot of guys have. Rather than mention one or two guys, my focus in on us collectively. We've gotten a lot better as a group, as a unit and as a team. We were away recruiting during some of it, but we came back and really felt great about where people are in their development. Now, we have to develop them from a football perspective. Then, it's back for finals and the summer program. After that, we have fall practice. There is a lot of time to develop people, but right now, I feel great about where we are.

Now that you have your hands on the offense, what kind of changes should we expect?
I won't feel great answering that until after spring practice. We need to go out and try to develop the scheme we want to run. Spring practice is about developing each player and the scheme. We want to give each player the chance to show what he can do. We need to give ourselves a chance to coach players as hard as we can coach them. We'll look at it after spring practice and see where we stand.

As an offensive coordinator, what kind of coaching style do you bring?
I hope demanding is a fair word.

Can you elaborate on that a little? Do you mean demanding of individual players?
I mean everything. I'm demanding of myself. I think all the coaches are demanding of each other. We're going to be demanding of the players, and the players will be demanding of each other. We're going to go out and get after it. We have that philosophy. We're going to be demanding and try to put ourselves in the best possible situation to win.

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